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Call for Submissions: 1st Edition – South African Human Rights & GBVF Stakeholder’s Directory


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Submissions Due Friday, 16h: 00, 28October 2022

The Human Rights Agency is seeking submissions from South African Human Rights & GBVF Stakeholders – to be included in the first edition of the Human Rights & GBVF Stakeholders directory, which will be published in December 2022.


South African Human Rights & GBVF Stakeholdersworking in the following fields or sectors are invited:

  1. Human rights and law;
  2. Social Justice;
  3. Gender Equality;
  4. Gender Based Violence Femicide (GBVF);
  5. Consumer Rights;
  6. Social Ills; and
  7. Places of safety.


Human Rights & GBVF Stakeholders are invited to share the following contact details and information:

  1. Name of the organization or department or state entity or business or place of safety or International NGO;
  2. Names of contact persons and leaders;
  3. Contact details: Telephones, Cell numbers, Email Addresses, Physical Addresses and other form of contact;
  4. Introduction summary of the stakeholder (NGO or department or place of safety);
  5. Brief description of the stakeholder services;
  6. Stakeholders area of operation, its clients and or beneficiaries;

Once the directory is completed, it will be shared with the other stakeholders and public. We hope that the directory will continue to be a useful resource and will encourage employers and government to continue to pursue and expand partnership initiatives that prevent violation of human rights, gender equality and fight GBVF.

Please note that submissions are due by Friday, 28 October 2022, and please send your contribution to